Statistically speaking

I would like to say. Statistically speaking. Statistically speaking behavior of the mass can be captured by statistic. Of course. Sorry for stating the obvious. So your behavior can be known from the statistic. Ah lame. Ah predictable. You sure you want to live like that? Me definitely not. So don’t live by the statistic.

For example. Village A has behavior X. Village B has behavior Y. From statistic book I can know that. Very simple. So you’re like. Ah person K in village A has behavior X. That is obvious. Statistically speaking.

Talking with friends from many cultures got me thinking. Ah I know I should follow John Mayer. I am bigger than my body. I am bigger than culture in my village. Thus I am bigger than the statistic book.

But it is not that easy. You could be burn as a witch! Burn the witch! Or accused as for sacrilege.

But it is actually that easy. Stop mingling. Get out from your village. Get out from the statistic book. Be with witches you want to be!

Hello new decade

I had written several writings to commemorate my new turning decade. But i always ended up delete it. I wonder whether this one will last.

New decade. The change finally is happening. The most awaited change. My game is leveling up. So complicated, yes. Somehow even myself is delightedly shocked. “Wow this is happening to me. I didn’t see it coming. Really.” But that’s what’s happening.

So hello new decade. I am here standing and my chin is up. Everyone is running and me also have to run. Everyone can do it so me also have to nail it. I am here still standing despite all those rains and storms on those past decades. Because i can and i believe i will always. I don’t fear it because i have my own self. Always.

I am game. Bring it on.

February 17th 2017, Warpaint

i got the ticket for 350 k. early bird price. at first i thought i could not get it. and a bit hold back for the presale ticket that is 550 k. currently unemployed so i have to a bit mind my budget. turn out i can get the early bird ticket. yey. i don’t know all warpaint songs but some of theirs really kill me. so i have to go.

i had to attend a class that day. so i went to the venue at around 6 pm and arrived at 7 pm. door opened at 6 pm. the place was in Parkir Selatan Senayan. i like the location. still in south or central Jakarta i mean. hate it if it is north Jakarta. when i arrived, it was still really empty. people were sitting around outside the venue. i think they did not bother to watch the opening acts. so i went inside. the stage arrangement was similar to OOR back then. as i said before it was still so empty. i thought it would be like that until the real show begins. it would be so majestic. but it was not. there were no official merchandise. shame.

the opening acts were so called Trou, Dis-something i forgot, and Kimokal. Trou was so so. people were sitting around and eating during their sets. Dis-something was a bit better. a bit. Kimokal was killing! like really. anyway, it has been a while since last time i went to live shows. oh hello back pain and leg pain and friends. but i survived all this time. the worst probably when in Takamatsu for Highapps tour. the Kimokal voc said this is our last song we’ll put end to your misery in a time. lol. you got us.

and then warpaint time! they’re so not different in youtube ver. lol. i mean their appearances. because i have watched their videos so many times it feels it is not the first time i see their faces. they opened the show by Keep It Healthy. and them some songs from new album i guess. all their hit songs that i like were played. Undertow, Elephants, Love Is To Die, Disco/Very, New Songs, White Out, The Stall. they played most hit songs at the end of the show before encore. they were really killing it! Emily and Theresa’s dance also kill it. and oh hello fender jaguar!!! can’t wait for September! though the schedule has not been released yet. ah can’t wait!

November 28th 2015, toe

year 2015. late november. sunday morning. rain is falling hard outside. its been awhile im writing this kind of stuff. missing it. thats why i wake early to do it. gotta go somewhere in the afternoon. as far as my memory served, this is fastest con process ever. this is TOE concert. in a festival. i hate festival in indonesia. but this is only chance to see toe. its their second time to come to this country. the first time, i was not yet into this genre. they were scheduled to play at 20.30 until 21.30. one hour duration. well fes in indonesia more generous than japan. in RSR, OYA only play 3 songs! 30 minutes probably. it was such busy week for me. went home at 1AM in saturday, i gotta catch sleep until noon. been going around since tuesday. i plan to go to con after 6PM. but then i overslept and able to go at 7.30PM. what. i even havent bought the ticket. (laugh). again busy week for me. well, the place is near.
met a friend at the venue. i planned to go with other friend. but then she cancelled because she had to work on saturday. as i arrived at the venue, the previous band was finished the set. so now its to watch the stage prep. i like doing this. its part of the con. and then i saw kashikuraaaa. its been awhile. last time i watched him with hiatus in nanomugen. to be honest, i havent heavily listen to toe’s. i only listen to some of their songs. as kashikura is their drummer. i didnt know much other member. well probably i know takaakimino a little bit. toe is in circle of friends bands i heavily love, i will support them too.
the fes crowd was not that much though. lately music concert in indonesia is turning downward? the fes venue was okay. nice weather too. toe got so called promised land venue. ah Arts’ title song! its second large stage in the fes. meanwhile pee wee gaskins got main stage. (laugh). it was very simple stage. no lighting whatsoever during the con. the crowd floor is soil. and tree root. (laugh). but no dust thankfully. but i inhaled lots cigarette smoke during the con though. i dont care if theyre drinking. but i hate it when theyre smoking.
satoshi wore boxer with fugazi letter on it. yamazaki prep vodka as his stage drinking. but i didnt see him drinking it during the con. probably he forgot. it took time to open the bottle yes. my friend said yamazaki always wear kneepcap for whatever reason we dont know. but it looks good on him. my friend also said that takaaki wore neck support outside the stage. is he sick? kashikura looks good as always. there was one support also to play the keys. prep finished, at 20.40 the show begins. takaaki entered first, and i guess the crowd is late to give him applause. yamazaki entered lastly, and he got biggest applause. as always yes. there were only two songs with vocal, as they are instrumental band. it was amazing. i like yamazaki’s gesture the most. and kashikura signature face gesture. ahhh remind me of hiatus!! compare to lite, toe is softer? but at some point, toe is harder. the sound is more complicated for sure. i really really like yamazaki’s stage performances. it made me smile so wide. also kashikura. there was 11 songs.
01. a desert of human
02. ———-
03. after image
04. goodbye
05. run for word
06. i dance alone
07. because i hear you
08. my litte wish
10. past and language
11. song silly
yamazaki touched crowds hands before he left. in MC, he said “hold me okay. hold me please.” :______))) i could do this all night! but then everything has to come to an end.
the ticket cost me 560ish. at first i think im so damn frugal to spend that lots money. but then connection is strange thing. probably its just stupid lust. when yamazaki said “hold me please” i think about people who make money from music. as gotoh said. it will be lot less and less in near future. i know its hard to make money from music. lately i realize that it will be lot less people who are willing to spend money to enjoy music. they buy pirate products, watch youtube instead of going to con etc. its just obvious that lately music con in indonesia is downgrading. yes economy is hard. living is hard. earn money is hard. i guess im just little bit lucky. or probably im heading to hell with my choice. its just sad that its getting fewer ppl who are willing to spend money for music. in this country. for me, its just keeping connection. i have stupid connection. i have strange connection. its hard to reach. and high in cost. its gift and curse. but then this is just who i am. it made me, me. i will lose myself if i dont preserve my connection. its just how being yourself. how to not lose yourself. but everything comes with consequences. you make choice that means you agree with the consequences.
thinking about life cycle. if you come from average family (fr economy side), probably, what, in age 22 until 25, (after you graduated, got job, in meantime before marriage) you are target for this field (spending money for music). after that you gotta think abt building family etc. its just so sad thinking about this.

Someone’s dream

when you love someone or something, you can’t help it. even it shameless. that’s why there’s term guilty pleasure. when i love someone or something, usually it is because that thing or that person can create connection to me. i feel connected. connection is strange thing. it doesn’t depend on time exposure. even if you know someone or something from a long time, it doesn’t guarantee you will feel connected to it/him/her. reversely, connection can come in a blink of an eye, instantly. you can’t preserve connection. it could last forever, it could last minute. is connection a lush?

living in big city by myself, sometimes i dreaded by connection. when i am in pit bottom, i know i am lack of connection. i have to have it. when i am in pit bottom, i usually know what i want. i dream of something, someone, some conditions, and i have to have them all. some people just like me. things that ones want couldn’t come easily. some even are extraterrestrial. i don’t feel sorry for myself that sometimes i dream extraterrestrial. i don’t feel sorry for myself that i am detached from people around me, from things around me. it is just who i am. i don’t choose this gene. it is innate, and this is what God give me. i just have to respond to it.

last pilgrimage was my effort to respond this gene. i seek for connection. i seek for place where i should belong. i successfully did it. last year after pilgrimage year one ended, i wrote stuff to justify my action. this year i am not. this year theme is, now what? i don’t know. i have plans. plan A until Z. let’s just see how they work out. life will screws me all right. like it always does. but then i am intrigued how they will end up. miscellaneous strings already strap me. pulling me from every possible angles. it is so weird fact that it is your own life, yet why you have to accomplish many people life expectations. for the sake of, saving you.

remember those dark days. dark cloud hang on the ceiling. remember those bland days. when nothing’s exist except bland-ness. remember those scraps of paper. all those pure writings. probably they are just lush. probably you are just seeking lush. never-ending lush. got-you-nowhere lush. give-you-nothing lush. non-sense lush. open-your-eyes lush. you’ve-gone-too-far lush. this-bullshit-connection lush. probably-you-really-need-to-be-saved lush. you-are-out-of-line lush. but then, if i love those other things, those so-called normal things, that’s just not me. i don’t love it. my heart isn’t in it. i despise it. this lush screws me all right. smashed my expectation every time. but here i am, hugging it passionately. say, my alarm went dead long time ago? at times i felt out of line too. i just feel human.

ah this is going nowhere. as always (laugh). but then, in conclusion, please universe, let me test this lush (read: dream) of mine. how far i will go. how far i will endure it. how long i will hug it. because i don’t want to live half-hearted. i don’t want to live in someone’s dream. doing other’s stuff. i can’t endure my own anger if i am force to do stuff i don’t want to. i am always this stone-headed. for better or for worst.



i used Garuda Indonesia. for about 6,4 million rupiah return. promo fee. if you can get GA for that approx price you should grab it. they used airbus. so worth it. eventhough they reroute me to Denpasar first. kinda pissed about it. plus GA check in staff in Ngurah Rai kinda acted as an asshole. it seems that if ones travel for 11 days ones have at least one baggage to check it in. counter terrorist procedure or else. the lady in KIX also asked me about this. no miss. im not a terrorist. i just hate bringing lots baggage. give me bad mood. landed in KIX. i used super express Haruka to reach Kyoto. i used Kansai Pass 2200 yen perday. booking first via internet then exchanged it in KIX. please note that its crucial to print out the booking email. i didnt and the lady in exchange counter gave me grunt. Haruka fee is more than 2200 yen without the pass. JR pass is useless for kyoto. the city mostly used bus and another train line. so eventhough JR pass is useless, it still benefit to use it only for Haruka.

please check first schedule for Haruka. it arrives every 45 minutes or so. if you dont want to waste your time in platform, better get in when time is near. seems like you cant get out the platform once you get in. haruka is crowded sometimes. queueing earlier maybe necessary. and queueing in right place in right manner. plus theres reserved and unreserved seat. make sure you dont queue in wrong place. for jr pass you have to queue for unreserved cars. if it too crowded, some ppl have to standing. everyone can enter the cars but some of them are standing. better sit down yes. journey to kyoto is half and hour or so. but if you stand, in some station ppl will get off so keep an eye for seat. usually they will get off in osaka though. this year japan trip i got lots long trip with train. sweet.

arrived in kyoto station. the station is big. but not so crowded. compare to osaka station or else. check in time for my hostel was at 3pm. i arrived at 12pm ish. got time to kill. i eat at the station. if you low on cash like me, you might want to consider eating inside the station. its cheaper. plus if you dont speak much japanese, it dont require much talking. it used some kind of vending machine to place order. after eat i didnt know what to do. im too tired for sightseeing. i want to save my energy for show tonight. basically i just want to sleep. plus i cant sleep well on plane. as always. to kill time i look around for my hostel location. its near kyoto station. after that, i look for seven eleven to print out my concert ticket. already got lawson at KIX. then i head to yadobashi. where i see lots weird things in abundant amount. hey im in japan. whenever my eyes struck at kyoto sign name, i startled. hey yesterday im still in hell hole jakarta. the hell am i doing here. but this year im not so wonderstruck as last year. where i found japan was so unrealistic.

then i headed to hostel. kyoto hana hostel. its recommended. though the front staff kinda ignorant. plus she redo her face many times. this year i lodged at 5 different hostel. only two who check my passport. headed to my room, i like bedroom with curtain. after take a bath etc. i slept. waking in a daze at 5pm. i ran to the venue. (continued to con review). after con i was sooo happpyyy. already 10pm had to walk back but im sooo happyyy. tomorrow i had to head to osaka.


check out at 10am ish i headed to osaka. i lazily doing everything. i want to cherish the moment. i forgot which train i took. it can be easily be figured out by google maps and then look at train schedule in station. after i arrived in osaka station, i didnt wait until check in time. because my bag got heavy i want to drop it first. i would head to hostel rightaway. but it was kinda confusing looking for my hostel. jhoppers osaka central. it was so cloudy that time. so gloomy. i bought umbrella in umeda station. i walk many miles but turn out i lost it. duh. apparently i cant read manual map. i have to used google maps with gps cursor on it. and then i arrived at the hostel. it was nice hostel. the frontoffice staff was so nice. i was still in a daze after walking long mile and got lost, but she chatted me anyway. i can check in but cant go to room as its not yet check in time. i head out. i didnt where to go. but then i head to osaka science museum. it was so lousy. well probably my mind was not in it. but i found dojima river forum while i walk back. ahhh suicup. then head to mcdonald for lunch. chicken burger with salad was so tasty. i head back to hostel. after that i kinda forgot what i do. probably i slept. and then what i forgot.

osaka day three was for oya show. but had to kill time until afternoon. i think i kill time by going to umeda shopping district. eat lunch in osaka station. and then what i forgot. oh i try curry cup noodle. it was tasty. lunch second time. duh. (continued to con review). day four i started use JR kansai wide pass for five days. 8500yen. i went to umeda shopping district again. went to a mall called Hep Five. and it was full of stylish young ppl. seriously. went to same ramen shop as yesterday. but ordered bigger size lunch. duh. oh i went to Nara! an hour train trip. in gloomy day. so sweet. Nara was great. passed by in front of Gomi records shop. i saw him but didnt dare to enter the shop. hazukashiiii. krik. went to that Deer park. but smell dung badly. after that i went to Ashiya city. i want to visit that barber shop where CBFY cover used it. i found it! theres international school near it. lots mansion. Ashiya was quiet exclusive city. i wonder how Gotch found that barbershop. and then i headed hostel. i didnt go to Namba as i planned. too tired. tomorrow have to go to takamatsu.


headed to osaka station then shinosaka station to take shinkansen to okayama. finally shinkansen! i used kodama. only one hour to okayama. the train wasnt crowded. reached okayama, i took marine liners to takamatsu. ahhh finally those blue bridge. i did kafka’s pilgrimage. though he used bus. marine liners was packed. lots student in it. arrived in takamatsu. still got time to kill before check in time. though actually i can just go directly to hostel. since the hostel wasnt that packed. i walk to the coast. japan ocean. saw ferries. takamatsu was so quiet. because my bag got too heavy. i dropped it in a locker in takamatsu station. then i planned to head out to takamatsu shopping arcade. it was said that this is longest shopping arcade in japan. but i got lost. i walk too far until i found kagawa university. duh. but finally i found it. indeed it was very long shopping arcade. i found takamatsu dime. and also takamatsu monster. it was near check in time to i want to headback to takamatsu station. i planned to take train from station near the shopping arcade. but turnout they used different IC card. duh. so i walk. it was damn far. takamatsu is bicycle designated city. so they dont establish lots train or bus. after took my bag back, i took train to shuwacho station. station nearest to my hostel. time was ticking but the local train went every 30 minutes once or so. duh. the train only had two or three cars. very vintage train. it only took 2 minutes from takamatsu station to shuwacho station.

arrived in shuwacho station. amaze by its size. it was so small. the hostel located very near to the station. use google maps. the hostel was also small. it looks like typical local dwelling. i opened the door and ring its bell. a women came and said my name. as i already made reservation. the hostel’s name is Chottocoma. its very recommended. i want to get back in there again. the owner was so cheerful. i thought they are foreigner who use english. but turnout they are japanese. they speak english well. especially the husband. while the wife after found out i speak little japanese, she continously used japanese. oh man. she said that including me, there was two times indonesian came to her longing. she was surprised i went to takamatsu for concert. when i asked how to get to the venue by train, she said that indeed there was few train running in the city. so best alternative for me was indeed walking. duh. turnout there was detour route and i should take it. she said that it probably very long route for me. i took it and i realized that when i got lost while ago, i reached that detour route! duh. after walking 30 minutes ish i reached the venue. drenched in sweat. but i accomplished it! (continue to con review). at night i get back by walking too. it was helllish and sweet at the same time. i surely miss it.

it was 10.30 pm when i arrived at the hostel. the husband greet me. and called my name. the wife probably already told him that i went to takamatsu for concert. probably it was so unusual. he seems so intrigued. there was four bunkbeds in my room. but only one roomate. shes japanese i supposed. the room used tatami, and bamboo smell was so strong. the bunkbed was very narrow. i smashed my head everytime. plus the hostel located near highway. everytime bus or train passed, vibration was so strong. i gave me melancoly. though at night i didnt know, i get nightmare and kind of scared for no reason. well another episode. it was nice hostel though. the bathroom was in japanese style. sweet. there was another guests. i saw some foreigner too. i guess mostly they went to takamatsu to hiking or camping. i checkout at 9am. as i had to head to kyoto. i met the wife again, and she kinda relived i made it back to hostel last night. haha. they chatted me for awhile. it was so nice. when i head out to station i felt very strong melancoly. farewell to all of you whom i probably met for first and for last time. but then who knows what future holds.


i will lodge at friend’s apartment this time. did same route as my departure. but i stopped for awhile in okayama for lunch. and bought starbucks tumblr. this okayama starbucks tumblr only sold at okayama. as well as nagano edition. while other japan starbucks tumblr edition are sold in haneda airport. but in domestic terminal. there was no starbucks in international terminal. used hikari shinkansen headed for shinosaka station. after it, i took local train to kyoto. as my jr pass didnt cover shinkansen ride from osaka to kyoto. i should take express train though. i kind of drained out this time. it was afternoon when i arrived in kyoto station. and i got lost again finding my friend’s apartment. i took wrong bus and headed to nowhere land. probably im too tired. it was already 6.30 pm when i finally arrived in my friend’s apartment. omg. after take a bath i eat then roll around like tired soul. duh. i visited my friend’s campus in the morrow. eat there and it was so cheap. then i headed to fusimi inari shrine and gion. i met maiko/geisha for first attempt. my jr pass officially useless. i should set it on date when i was in osaka. in kyoto they use mostly bus and another train line. i experienced quite many weird route while i got lost yesterday. last day in kyoto i read and slept most of the day in my friend’s apartment. save my energy. i will took night bus to tokyo. and then headed to utsunomiya. before depart, my friend and i eat out. and then night train took me to another city.


willer bus is recommend. departing location was in front ibis hotel near kyoto station. the staff was so nice. i like japanese ppl on this section. i said my name and they told me my seat number. i can sleep on the bus. while listening to warpaint. i felt im being carried out to another space. i want to see japan highways. yet they close the window with curtain. i only can peek around. since i dont want to disturb my seatmate. the girl near me wore very short pants. i always amaze with this kind of girl. whenever wherever you gotta keep in style. in japan, probably the competition is strict. mating competition. if youre a snob, you have no future in having awesome suitor. but being yourself is best thing to do. i believe you will got your meant to be. in this earth. or heaven. or hell. the bus stopped every two hours or so. giving chance to ppl to pee. i wonder why the girl near me drink and eat freely. turnout the peeing time appear everytime. i didnt drink or eat during the time. i slept. and woke at 5am. it was already sunrise and we arrived near odawara. it was so cool.

finally arrive in shinjuku at 6.30 am. with dizzy head, i didnt know where to go. i mean yeah i will go to utsunomiya. akg show will be in 6pm. hostel check in time in 4pm. train to utsunomiya from shinjuku will about 2hours. i wander to shinjuku station, to shinjuku koen, then back to shinjuku station. shinjuku koen was full of homeless ppl. it made it kinda scary. i bought breakfast in shinjuku station, and eat it in front of a pond inside a building near shinjuku station. i am officialy 21st century pilgrimage. bored staring pond without fish, i decided to head to utsunomiya rightaway. took shonan shinjuku train. the train stopped at every station. i get off at its last station. i forgot what. i thought it will reach until utsunomiya. but it was not. i had to transfer to utsunomiya line. finally arrived at utsunomiya station mid-noon. i test my luck to directly go to hostel. probably they will accept early check in. probably not. summer is here. utsunomiya was so damn scorching. i hate it when my skin darken because of it. found the hostel. quite near the station. weird hostel. dont want to be there again. the staff said that they accept check it start at 4pm. duh. plus he didnt speak english. duh. i head back to station. near the station there was lots shopping mall. i kill time there. eat lunch. sightseeing etc. drop my backpack on station locker. japan is so convinient. during killing time, there was this male shopkeeper who works his butt off. japanese ppl are so hardworker. every each one of them. it is so fascinating.

head back again to hostel near check in time. finally able to rest after the old staff spit out many hostel policies. in japanese. duh. i dont know why probably im just tired i take out all my bag content. this is why i forgot the collect my wallet back. then i failed to buy AKG goods. great. (continue to con review). ah utsunomiya. after you fucked me did u smoke? lol. the hostel staff didnt stand by at the hostel everytime. in the morning, i accidently ruin my room card. just great. try to find the hostel staff but he was nowhere to be found. asked some other guest and he said that he didnt stand by. just great. but i finally able to get in. then i rushly packed my bag and get off from this damnest hostel.


enough business with utsunomiya. i head back to tokyo for final oya show. ahhh. time flies like superjet. this time i took train to ueno, then yamamote line to ikebukuro. had lunch then head out to hostel. already 3pm. oya show was in 6pm. i want to buy more goods. sale started at 5pm. gotta hurry. but i lazying around. (continue to con review). akasaka was so greaaatt. back to hostel. my roomate was sooo chatty i hate it. i like sakura hostel but now i hate it when there was no curtain in bed. day eleven was day to finally bought shopping list. went to shibuya, eat at one of ramen shop there. went to tower records, diskunion, then hmv recordshop and that biccamera shop. found deto handwritings. robert ashley no automatic writings osusume desu. wanting the record instantly. but record shop didnt have computer searching system i guess. thats why they called it DIGGING. i hate digging. duh. theres fuckload of records and youre supposed to search it?! no way man. i prefer look at online catalog, pick one, then order online. then i went to shinjuku. i want to go to kinokuniya vegetables shop. but i couldnt find ittt. i hate ittt. though i already ruin my feet off. but i explore different of shinjuku. i went to kinokuniya bookstore. buy book. go to starbucks. etc. im so damn tired. it was already 6pm. i head back to hostel. im so tired i want to get some shut eyes. at midnight i woke up and wander aimlessly at ikebukuro. many shops already closed. but night shops had just begin. you know selling prostitutes etc. strucked by strong storm of melancolies. duh.
day twelve was day i had to flee back to country where i hold citizenship. my flight was at 11am. so i had to hurry. was it long trip? was it short trip? will i be back to japan again?

July 12nd 2015, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE

venue: Akasaka Blitz, Japan

drenched in sweat looking around for akasaka blitz. just like zepp divercity in odaiba, akasaka blitz location was so greaat. hopped on yamanote line until harajuku then changed to meijijingumae st tokyo metro until akasaka station. but then i surfaced on wrong exit. it took awhile to finally arrived in blitz. summer is here. drenched in sweat. the venue was so cooool. i bought some goods again. since got spare money after failed bought AKG goods. some goods was already soldout. they opened the door at 5pm. start queueing to enter the venue after my ticket number was called. got A91. 80ish ppl still had that paper ticket. pay 500yen for drink ticket. inside the venue, it was so coool. so big. and i managed to get second row. basically front row. i like japanese crowd. they didnt squeezed around so much. an hour waiting. had to endure it! had to get my best time!

the stage was still covered by somekind of black transparent curtain. when 6pm rolled around, i started saw shimizu. and deto. ahhhhh. they played rope meditation ver, paradise lost (Omgggg), and suteki na yokan confidential ver. with curtain still closing it. so it was like silhoutte. suteki na yokan was so scaryyyy. in good way. the light frighten me too. omg. complete setlist:

1. rope meditation ver
2. paradise lost
3. beautiful premonitions
4. rule invisible
5. perfect lovers in the perfect city
6. house with a fence
7. cracker
8. mannakade
9. flag
10. coin laundry
11. pinhole
12. advantage
13. shiranai aizu shiraseru ko
14. ship in the night
15. rope long ver
16. someone’s dream
17. balance

as i said in twitter, mabuchi’s guitar went dead during rope long ver. lol. it was breath-holding moment. want to redo that moment everytime :p in speech session, deto said that it was like rope long ver curse. last time it was shimizu’s guitar that went dead also. mabuchi fixed it himself. i wonder why they didnt use staff on stage. deto wore same shirt as in osaka. i wonder how many he owns that same shirt. this time i finally able to see his full feature. hehehe. my neck hurts looking at his position for two hours. but then will surely do it for another hours. duh. ahhh so it ended :((((( when will i see oya live agaainn. oh and finally in akasaka, someone’s laughing at deto’s act when singing tanin no yume! i know righttttt